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Why choose Electromech?

Established in 2000 and based in Wigan – Greater Manchester - UK, guaranteeing outstanding customer service and consultation for your power supply needs, guidance through our range of generators and backup power solutions. Expert engineering team to install, repair and maintain generators at the best of their condition, performing oil analysis. UK service support 24/7 all year round.


Market leading providers of gas and diesel generators sets service, installation, maintenance and repair for businesses in the UK from 2000.

  • Gas and Diesel Generators Specialists
  • Providers of backup power
  • 24-hour emergency response

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Factory Test Centre

We have a state-of-the-art Factory Test Centre available with 4 test areas allowing multiple testing of diesel generators at the same time.

Condition Monitoring

Electromech has historically used laboratory analysis to assure that the diesel engines are not suffering from hidden leaks or internal wear.


We are able to install generators and their associated ancillary equipment.

Load Bank Testing

Providing periodic load bank testing of power generation equipment. This enables the efficiency and duty of the equipment to be monitored, and the performance of the equipment recorded throughout the load bank testing regime.


Electromech provide qualified specialists with the ability to cover national multi-site portfolios, as well as large static sites. These specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reactive Call Out

We guarantee service contracts and recommendations to reduce reactive call out and so reduce business exposure for clients.

Thermo-graphic Testing

Thermo-graphic testing is undertaken whilst the equipment is operational under load and therefore reduces the potential non-productive time.

Vibration Analysis

The vibration analysis is optional and can be used to prevent premature failure of equipment. Oil Analysis/Condition Monitoring.

Emergency contact

This number is for emergency calls from current Electromech’s customers only.

0870 111 8004

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