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About us

Electromech was established in 2000, with its foundations firmly set in the power generation industry. The founders and senior management team have combined over 100 years of experience within the power generation and service industry.

Electromech Engineering Services is a fast growing independent specialist company in the maintenance and repair of emergency and standby power systems.

Over the last 21 years we have become increasingly apparent to virtually every sector of industry and stress how important the provision of emergency and standby power equipment is, and are pleased to say that they have been able to provide a full range of services to many companies, within all market sectors using their comprehensive range of maintenance and product solutions.

Wherever possible we try to tailor our service contracts to meet each client’s specific requirements depending on the criticality placed on the equipment of the client.


Market leading providers of gas and diesel generators sets service, installation, maintenance and repair for businesses in the UK from 2000.

  • Gas and Diesel Generators Specialists
  • Providers of backup power
  • 24-hour emergency response

Planned Preventive Maintenance

  • National operation with comprehensive support and infrastructure.
  • Specialist field technicians competent within our niche market.
  • Comprehensive Service plans tailor made to meet and exceed all client’s expectations.
  • Service & Maintain, Semi and Total Comprehensive Packages.
  • Detailed service schedule to protect your equipment.
  • Standard routine, bespoke, manufacturer or best practice programmes.
  • Free no obligation survey and quotation.
  • An effective and cost-effective solution.

Reactive, Remedial & Minor Works

  • National reactive service 24 hours/365 days cover.
  • Guaranteed responses times.
  • Effective web enabled management and tracking for responsive work planning.
  • Comprehensive van stock for 1st time fix.
  • Effective infrastructure and chain supply to support our niche market.
  • Support services for standby hire and fuel management.
  • National spares facility on specialist components.
  • All works undertaken in guidance of specific Risk and Method Statements

New Installations & Turnkey Projects

  • Installations from 32 kVa – single/3 Phase to Multi Generator synchronised systems.
  • Consultancy and Power Analysis.
  • Initial Design to Compete Installation.
  • Bespoke designed installations.
  • Full CAD Design.
  • Stand-alone operation or parallel with the Mains Services.
  • Close fitting Acoustic Enclosures or bespoke to specific design.
  • Pre-built Generator Enclosures, designed to house all essential ancillary equipment and services.

Additional Electromech Services

  • Bespoke Generator Manufacture.
  • Generator Hire and Rental.
  • Reconditioned 2nd hand units.
  • Fuel Management, Storage Tank Design
  • Turnkey Installation.
  • Acoustic Canopy Manufacture, Monitoring & Testing
  • Load bank testing and Condition Monitoring.
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • Vibration Analysis

In the modern era where loss of electrical power (for any length of time) to business can mean millions in lost revenues and to clinical operations can be as serious as death, it has become a critical mission to have a reliable supply even when the national grid has an outage.

As a specialist market-leader Electromech Engineering Services are committed to providing the best levels of quality and performance within the diesel and gas power generation. We have established and proven service standards that set a benchmark for diesel and gas power generation supported by specific business systems. Through continued investment and extensive oil&energy industry experience, with a total commitment to service delivery and client satisfaction.


Great customer service, great quality of products, integrity, safety

Maintenance Experience and Expertise

Electromech has proven expertise in providing planned and reactive mechanical and electrical specialist services to standby generators and fire pumps. We have the ability to cover national multi-site portfolios as well as large static sites, providing a 24-hour emergency response.

Technology and Management Information

Electromech operates with a bespoke IT software system developed for our specific market, this system is proven and robust, with data warehousing and web-enabled access capability for real time reporting. We are experienced in tailoring our solutions to meet customer requirements.

If you would like to know more about what Electromech offers in terms of services then email us at [email protected], call us on +44 (0) 1942 226 322 for more information, or look within the services section of the website.

Electromech Engineering Services Ltd is registered in Cardiff No. 03907747


Emergency diesel and gas generator sets are extremely important safety devices. For this reason, Electromech work on technical improvements each and every day. Therefore our focus is on quality and reliability in everything we do.

This awareness of quality already begins by selecting only the best suppliers and is part of all processes within the company.

The generator sets have to pass numerous functional tests before they are finally dispatched. At Electromech’s own test bench and the state-of-the-art test bench at their independent German centre, Electromech is able to monitor all relevant parameters and compare them with specified values. This state-of-the-art system monitors abnormalities within a maximum tolerance of 1%. All results are electronically recorded and fully documented.

Electromech’s services meet the highest quality standards. On-site assembly training of staff on site and final customer acceptance are all part of our service to the customer.

Electromech’s service department is available 24/7 and handles maintenance work, repairs and spare part deliveries quickly.

Quality awareness, however, is also a matter of attitude. We monitor our employees to always ensure top quality and reliability while performing their daily duties and are proud of our ISO certification.

Generator Quality Standards:

VDE 0530, DIN 6280, ISO 8528, IEC 34, BS 4999, BS 5000, BS 5514;