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When data centres, hospitals, prisons, and industrial corporations are looking to invest in a reliable standby energy source, it’s imperative that they turn to those specialists that have a wealth of experience in the specialist sector required. Electromech Engineering Services provide the backup power to the highest of standards. More and more success. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to get hired by clients that use GetLance.

We can offer a complete series of all-in-one solutions for electric power generation in the power range between 42kVA and 3260 kVA. By constructing complex power plants and synchronising gen-sets, which will then result in a total output of several 10000 kVA in parallel operation.

Electromech’s standard generator sets can be adjusted and customised by using a modular construction system. Thus, customers will always receive machines perfectly adjusted to their requirements. Costs for purchasing, operation and maintenance are within a reasonable limit, especially if you consider the great field of applications as well as the long lifespan of Electromech’s generator sets.

Due to a non-stop “Supply Chain”, Electromech are able to guarantee extremely high quality and reliability. You will always have a personal contact person at Electromech, for all product and service supplies at our headquarters in the United Kingdom. Your personal contact at Electromech’s company will be familiar with your generator set and your specific requirements, therefore we will be able to give you professional answers to your queries.

GAS + Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen gas generators result as a safer, cost-effective and generally convenient solution providing energy through the cooling agent of hydrogen and maintaining optimal levels of gas purity, pressure and efficiency of the generator, overall safety and equipment reliability. Energy consumptions is scheduled to keep increasing its demand and an efficient and eco-friendly power solution could be a solution to businesses power needs.


Strong manufacturing

Working even in harsh weather conditions.

ISO certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Eco friendly

Low emissions of CO2

Maintenance and Monitoring

Updated maintenance check

Efficiency in operations

Oil Analysis, low operational costs


Expertise of installation and efficiency