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Full CAD + CAM capability

With computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) our engineers are able to thoroughly analyse and optimise the design of the generators and increase their productivity. Through the graphics and drawings engineers can evaluate the technical processes, dimensions and material to be utilised with respect of all tolerances. For an optimal efficiency of the machines, CAD technology is especially used for the detailed creation of parts for machines to perfectly fit their purpose with the aid of CAM to create a faster chain of processes to improve the complex manufacturing operations. Tooling is more precise and measured with accurate dimensions while using raw materials and giving shape while reducing the energy consumption.

CNC machine/Lathe

Through CNC machining the computer software programs the actions for the machine to give shape and depth to materials and tools, controlling grinders and lathes. The software program is connected with CAD and CAM to finish the dimensional process of creation, tooling and modification of the tools and parts needed with high velocity and precisions.

Reverse Engineering

The process is undertaken back to front, meaning that from an already built machine, engineers de-construct the unit to find a defect or part not functioning. These parts will be supplied and replaced allowing the generator to become operational again. The process is also utilised to modernise and improve the machine applying different parts or modifying the existing set.

Flywheel technology Research

A continuous research has been tackled by engineers to learn and improve the accelerating flywheel technology, which allows great storage of energy due to its rotational augmented energy regeneration at high speed. Due to their storage capacities with faster charging elements and wider space capacities, they are used to leverage the load of larger battery systems of uninterruptible power supply solutions.

Acoustic energy container

Our generators’ containers are created to reduce the acoustic/noise impact on the local area whilst letting the generator works in high efficiency. Bespoke containers are manufactured with silencers, fans and insulation to control the ventilation and energy cooling systems along with vibration levels. Containers are an added option, but Electromech would advise a standard or bespoke container to ensure generator works efficiently and is not interfered by weather conditions or malfunctions, plus protecting the area from vibrations and noises.