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Factory Test Centre

The test benches are divided into 4 test areas with a maximum power of 3,000 kW in isolated operation, each. Thus it is possible to perform parallel test runs with 4 x 3,000 kW or 2 x 6,000 kW, with an overall performance of 12,000kW. At the same time, the nominal voltage ranges from 100 V to 17,600 V; most various voltage extractions are possible.

In addition, the waste heat resulting from the load resistance tests is stored in underground tanks and used for heating purposes. The control room is located on the upper floor of the test bench.

From the control room each test field is monitored by cameras. Therefore customers can attend test runs at all times, supervising each test phase via different monitors. Different ambient temperatures of up to 60°C can be simulated. The inductance of cos(phi) = 1.0 to cos(phi) = 0.8 can be adjusted as well. Furthermore, intake air and exhaust gas back pressure can be regulated, allowing the customer to reconstruct numerous different installation conditions. Selection, analysis and documentation of all available parameters takes place in the control room.

Technical Data

  • nominal power electrical: 12 000 kW (4x 3000 kW or 2x 6000 kW)
  • voltage range: 100 V - 17 600 V
  • power factor of test loads: 0.5 - 1.0 cos(phi)
  • possible test frequencies: 45 - 65 Hz
  • measuring accuracy: >= 1%
  • number of test benches: 4
  • max. simulating temperature inside test room: 60°C
  • max. cooling capability of facilities: 24 000 kW
  • coolant: water
  • capacity of coolant tanks: 2 x 60 m³
  • max. exhaust gas volume: 200 000 m³/h
  • max. cooling air volume inside test room: 2x 250 000 m³/h at 50 Hz

Condition Monitoring

Throughout the years we have used laboratory analysis to assure that the diesel engines maintained are not suffering from hidden leaks or internal wear.

In recent years automated, computerised testing equipment has effectively taken over from the manual processing of the samples. With the developments in testing of the sampled oil from the generators over the years we are now able to get more in-depth results, guaranteeing a better analysis of any problems which maybe occur or could develop within the near future.


In addition to general service contracts and remedial work undertaken, we are now in a position to undertake the design and installation of generators and their associated ancillary equipment.

Turn-key projects: As a totally independent organisation engaged in standby power generation, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installations and other associated equipment.

We offer the solution for projects in house from enquiry, design, installation, through to completion with the support from independent specialist providers.

Past Work

When installing the generator for Hyatt Regency Hotel in London (working in partnership with the appointed Electrical Contractor) we designed, delivered and installed a silenced generator to support the prestigious 5-star hotel refit. The design had to meet strict requirements for both the generators impact performance and the noise emitted when on load.

Increased design restrictions were placed on the team by the actual building area permitted to house the generator and all its requirements.

The installation then involved liaising with the Highways Agency & Local Authority to close the road outside the West One location to enable a crane to prepare and lift the Generator & ancillary sections to the top of the building. Here the generator was positioned and then commissioned by our skilled installations team.

Load Bank Testing

Periodic load bank testing of power generation equipment. This enables the efficiency and duty of the equipment to be monitored, and the performance of the equipment recorded throughout the load bank testing regime.

When load bank testing is undertaken, we record all true RMS three phase measurement of: Voltage (V), Frequency (Hz), Current (A), Power (both kW & kVa) and Power Factor (cos) within a detailed report upon completion.


Electromech has proven expertise in providing both planned & reactive mechanical and electrical specialist services to standby generators. We have the ability to cover national multi-site portfolios as well as large static sites, providing a 24-hour emergency response.

Our teams of multi skilled engineers have a wealth of experience within the field and can support any type of generator. When this knowledge is accompanied with a rigorous 60+ point maintenance checklist and backed up with the skill of the operations team within the head office, maintenance planning and procedures run effortlessly.

Reactive Call Out

Reactive Call Out 24/7, 365 days a year

We provide service contracts and recommendations to reduce reactive call out, therefore reducing business exposure for their clients. On Electromech's service visits, our team will perform checks to look for possible weaknesses in the generators’ possible future performance. This allows the client to plan any remedial repairs in conjunction with their site demands.

If a call out is required, our specialists are available 24 hours a day, every day. From the moment a call is placed to our system, we will call you back immediately and try to resolve the problem on the phone (this is included in our service contract).

From this call to you by one of our engineers, we will establish with you the next steps, from immediate attendance through to arranging a Hire Generator whilst we perform repairs to your generator.

Thermo-graphic Testing

By periodic examination of the critical equipment and the associated controls, engines, electrical panels and the associated installation, machinery, plant and equipment, by using a thermal imaging camera, the client can monitor and predict when both maintenance and remedial works are required, therefore reducing potential risk and interruption to the business.

Thermo-graphic testing is undertaken whilst the equipment is operational under load and therefore reduces any potential non-productive time.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is optional and can be used to prevent premature failure of equipment. It offers the facility to reduce exposure of vibration to personnel and provides the mechanism to allow a proactive solution.

Our equipment has the facility to determine the different structures, absorption and vibration frequencies to analyse and predict any vibration exceptions.

Oil Analysis

We can thoroughly analyse for possible contamination by dirt, fuel, water or glycol and check and sample oil to test the lubrication system on the key elements of the hydraulics, gear boxes, engines and everywhere signs of metals’ marks are showing up.

To maintain your machine working efficiently it is important to control the coolant condition. By examining the chemicals balance, the usage, and levels of freeze/boil safe protection, to assure an effective cooling of the engines.

We provide sampling of fuels to control and avoid further abnormalities in the functionality of the valves and piston rings. Keeping an updated monitoring allows for bigger operating costs to be avoided and to maintain a high performance and safety of the machines.